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Ayaka ([personal profile] trangnguyen7197) wrote2017-01-04 07:22 pm

First post

It seems that everyone in fandom are gradually moving to the DW, so I'm here
Hi there, I'm Trang from VietNam
Come here because I love Jpop, especially I love Johnny's so much <3
About JE, I've known them two years ago. I love Hey!Say!Jump first, but now I love Arashi more. And also, Yamapi, NEWS, KAT-TUN, V6, Kanjani, Tokio... I love them all. Of course Toma, Kazama I can't forget them.
In the past, I only knew about manga and anime, One OK Rock is my first concern beyond anime, manga.
I have difficulty when using DW, I usually use Livejournal and my LJ is same name here but now it's OK :D
Thank you and sorry because of my bad English ^^